What is exactly a Statement Earring?

What is exactly a Statement Earring?

As a shop that sells, exclusively, statement earrings, I thought to myself: “how come I never wrote this blog before?” As we browse the internet for these earrings, we are presented with a terrible sample of what people are calling Statement Earrings. The industry itself, with the help of marketing professionals, is totally twisting the concept of statement earrings. Why? I will dare to say: just to rank for the keywords and lure people into buying something else. 

Because Statement Earring is not a familiar term to those that are not into the fashion world, I thought I would give it a try in clarifying what it really means. In my opinion, they must be big in size and boldly designed!  If I could translate the terminology into my native language, Portuguese, I would describe it as brincão! The word brincão is an augmentative of the word brinco, which means Earring in Portuguese. So, plainly, brincão means large earrings. But it goes beyond that! Brincão became an expression that refers to bold, exotic, sparkly and loud earrings...altogether! That word really defines what a Statement Earring is and that is how I perceive them: Statement Earrings are Big Bold Earrings that grab everyone’s attention and make a statement. And If these attributes are absent in an earring, you should not call it a statement earring at all!

While searching for the origin of the term, it appeared to me that the expression statement earrings originated from the street fashion (or street style, if you may) from all over the world. Street fashion style is considered to have emerged not from runways and studios, but from grassroots streetwear. Hard to define, street fashion is most often seen in major urban centers where people tend to be more daring. Mixing thrifty styles with premium labels and statement pieces, street fashion is our starting point when talking about Statement Earrings. I personally find it fascinating! A concept born from the melting pot of styles and cultures in our big cities around the world. Ahhh...there is nothing like fashion that is born from diversity!!!

Mostly casual, street style can be easily transformed into a sophisticated look when adorning it with statement pieces. Be it a super cool leather jacket, a stylish hat, or a bold statement earring, just to name a few. These statement pieces can offer a multitude of possibilities and styles. You pick what speaks to you and translates your personal style through these accessories. And that's exactly what a Statement Earring will do for you!

When I learned the expression, I immediately went back in time to when I made earrings myself. I was designing Statement Earrings back in 2001 when it was not a big thing (although it has been always my thing). When I started Mcristals, I had it clear in my mind that I only wanted to work with this specific style. It is interesting to see how the street fashion has caught the eyes of big names in fine jewelry. Big names like Chopard (their statements are to die for), Celine and Piaget have jumped on the Statement Earrings wave and it seems like it came to stay. What used to be within the scope of costume jewelry only, has expanded to fine jewelry as well.

Available in a huge variety, from very subtle designs to extremely bold and oversized - the kinds we only see on the runway - Statement Earrings came to stay and became a huge asset to brands like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and, my favorite, Oscar de la Renta. Gosh how I love their Earrings!!! But remember, however way they may vary in style, they must have two elements in common: Big and Bold.

At Mcristals we strive to offer Statement Earrings for any occasion and for all styles, always following our rule; Big and Bold. And if you ask me: do I need to make a statement in fashion? I would answer, “why not?” If you enjoy fashion, you should express your inner self through what you wear, just because it feels good! With a Statement Earring or any statement accessory you might like, you get to create your personal brand and there is nothing more beautiful than being yourself! There is nothing more boring than dressing like everybody else! 

I hope you liked this little article! I would love to hear your thoughts on Statement Earrings! Feel free to comment bellow!



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