About Mcristals Statement Earrings

Mcristals is a curated Statement Earrings Shop that offers pieces designed and handcrafted following the standards of fine jewelry. All of the pieces are hand set in 18k Gold or Rhodium plating over nickel-free brass and sealed to prevent tarnish and allergic reactions. Our artisan small batch production model, delivers the highest quality in the industry while minimizing our impact on Mother Earth. The Earrings are embellished with high quality crystals, natural or synthetic stones and cubic zirconias.

Mcristals was born from the desire of its owner to bring to American women the quality and beauty they deserve. As an avid fashion consumer in America and jewelry connoisseur, the founder noticed that the Earring market was lacking reasonably priced high quality pieces. From her many years in the jewelry-making industry, she learned a lot about materials, processes and techniques, and due to that, she became capable of spotting a low-quality piece of jewelry right off the bat.

"On many of my shopping adventures, I started to notice a huge gap in this market; I either found beautiful earrings (designer brand names) made with cheap and low quality materials or precious jewelry that cost a lot of money. There was nothing in between. This was very disappointing. As a consumer that has always chosen quality over quantity, I found myself without options. I could go for the more affordable designer brands, but my sensitivity to nickel kept me away from wearing this type of jewelry."

To the founder, there was no point in paying over one-hundred dollars for a beautiful pair of earrings from a famous designer, only to have to bear the discomfort caused by the heavy and cheap materials. So, she thought to herself: "Somebody should do better than this; maybe I might be able to offer a better, and why not, prettier option for the women in America…they are missing out on quality earrings that should last and won’t break the bank.” With that in mind, and given her experience and network in this Industry in South America, she set out to find and partner up with some of the best craftsmen in that area.

The Mcristals Statement Earrings main goal is to bring to the fashionable women in America, tasteful high quality earrings that could fit their budget. Here at Mcristals, you will find Earrings that are Unique in Design and Luxurious to the sight! And most important, Earrings that have stellar quality and amicable prices.

About the Founder

Hey! I’m Cristal!

I’m an entrepreneur by nature who is passionate about Jewelry! I've been creating and designing for as long as I can remember! Arts and crafts have always played a huge role in my life, they’ve inspired me, they’ve shaped my personality as a child and I still get excited about them every single day. I dive into DIY projects with the fascination of a child.

I designed, made and sold jewelry during high school and my early college years. Every night I worked very hard to build as many pieces as I could…every-single-day! I enjoyed it so much, that I would lose track of time and would go to school the next day looking like a zombie. Although I enjoyed making all kinds of jewelry, after a while I decided to focus only on Earrings, which have always been my true passion. I started learning more about earrings design, and I fell in love with it. 

I graduated in Economics, and although I love it, I felt like I should stick to my creative being (instead of my analytical one), so I kept alive the wish to work with jewelry. After I graduated, I moved to the U.S. and that’s where the Mcristals story began. 


Welcome to my precious little Shop. I hope you Enjoy it.