Hoop Earrings as a symbol of Female Power

Hoop Earrings as a symbol of Female Power

Whether big or small, thick or thin, plain or textured, the Hoops have always been a symbol of femininity. They simply add that special touch to any girl's outfit. They are probably the most versatile piece of jewelry that is available out there! A timeless piece!

I remember falling in love with them as a little girl. I couldn't wait to be old enough to wear those extra large hoops. I got my first big pair of hoops when I was fourteen (because my grandma said I was too young to wear those "big things") and I felt so empowered by them! As a matter of fact, they are guilty for the huge hole on my right earlobe. In my teen mind, they represented something that I didn't even know how to explain, I could only feel it. It was something greater than me! And I was right about that feeling; as I grew older and became more aware of  society, I started noticing the patterns and how my so beloved hoops were so full of history. As I  researched, I started learning how the Hoop Earrings (specially the gold ones) have always been a powerful symbol among numerous cultures throughout history. When currently searching for sources to base my claims, I ran into a great article by Bianca Nieves and loved reading it. I think she nailed it when talking about how the hoops were (and still are) a strong symbol in different cultures at different times.

As we rise again in the history of society, as we fight for equality, as we make our voices heard, the hoops emerge as a beautiful symbol of this powerful movement that we are witnessing as I write this little blog. In this very well written article by Grace Cook (so worth the read!), she shares a quote from Goldsmith that reads - "The circle is a symbol of many things - unity, infinity and wholeness, but it is also the symbol of female power, the force in every woman”. That quote definitely wraps everything I am trying to, hopefully, say in this little article...The Female Power!

Our Hoops, which we named after the powerful and gorgeous JLo, were designed to make a statement wherever you go, but with the comfort you deserve! The Jennifer Hoop Earrings are hollow inside to provide you with the ultimate lightness that there is in the jewelry world. Besides that, we designed a piece that has a unique texture and color. The Jennifer Hoops have a shade that is in between yellow gold and rose gold, which we call Champagne Gold. The color was chosen to make it go with any skin tone. It's satin texture gives the piece a unique appearance, and it's thickness ensures the Hoop Earrings' power and the statement it makes! You won't go unnoticed when wearing our Jennifer Hoops. Guaranteed!!!

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