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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with the Powerful and Stylish Gals from Sex and the City


This year, I wanted to write a gift guide for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to create something fun, different from what we see everywhere. While brainstorming on my notepad, I learned about the comeback of Sex and the City! Eureka! Right there I though I would write a blog having our lovely girls from the show as a personality guide! So...the following blog is what I came up with.


Every time I am choosing a new design for the shop, I stare at it first and  wonder what style of woman would be wearing them. As an eclectic Statement Earring Shop, I always make sure I am curating designs that will please every possible style. Be you a Vintage, Bohemian, Chic, Artsy, Casual, Rocker, Preppy or Sophisticated fan, just to name a few, we have a Statement Earring for you! Whatever style you identify yourself with, you can find a statement earring that translates your personality.


Departing from there, the idea of talking about the SATC crew in this Gift Guide became even more exciting! I must confess that I have been binge watching the whole thing over, and over again! I just love that show! It never gets old to me! It amazes me how they were able to create four characters that we all can relate to somehow. We have all been one of them, or all of them at some point in our lives. Their fashion forward styles have inspired and encouraged the “feminine universe” to be a little more daring. And because they have worn the most beautiful statement accessories I have ever seen, on any show on television, I thought it would be a great crew to refer to when talking about statement earrings.


So, going back to my notepad, I tried to write down the strongest traits, which makes each one of them so special in their own way, and I tried to match their overall personalities to the designs we have in the shop. As you read along, you might find clues on which earring to buy for your Valentine this coming February.

Let’s find out which gal resembles your Valentine (or Yourself)?


I’m going to start with Miranda Hobbes, because she is my favorite character! Miranda has a laid-back, minimalist style, that wrongly makes us assume she would never pull off a statement earring; yet, she has worn amazing pieces that made us all drool. Very underrated, in my opinion, Miranda dared to wear statement accessories outside of her power suits, and she always rocked  them! There is something edgy about Miranda’s style that is not easily spotted, maybe because Carrie takes all the spotlight when it comes to being edgy. I am not sure what it is (If you have any clue, please share in the comments). That being said, I believe Miranda would rock in our Charlotte Earrings – an edgy design that really matches her powerful and witty personality. (wait! why in the world did I name them Charlotte?)


Miranda from SATC


Moving on to our next girl, since I just mentioned her name, let’s talk about the adorable Charlotte York and find the perfect match for her. Given her girlie-girl-romantic-classic style, Charlotte would appreciate anything with a shade of pink. You could almost predict how she would dress up for an upcoming event given her conservative style. Definitely not a risk-taker, our sweetheart is not very fond of statement earrings. I honestly cannot remember her wearing big earrings, except for one time – in the last scene of the movie SATC 2 – where she had an astonishing design on her ears (sorry! I could not find a single picture of that scene to share with you). Since Charlotte is not a big fan of bold earrings, I think she would be comfortable in our Darling Statement Earrings. Long, yet very subtle. If your Valentine is someone like Charlotte, there are a few pieces in the shop that are very subtle. Check out our Belle Earrings as well.


Charlotte from SATC


On the complete opposite of Charlotte, is Samantha Jones! Outspoken and straightforward, Samantha could pull off any statement earring she wanted to. Her daring and unapologetic way of being, puts her in the podium when it comes to expressing herself! Always willing to listen to her friends’ problems and offer sound advice, Samantha is that confident and independent single friend that seems to have it all figured out. She has no patience with uptight people, and she will make no apologies for who she is. It is going to be hard not to miss her on the new show. I still cannot get over it. For this powerful queen, we chose our Johana Statement earrings in green. As the sexiest design in the shop, the Johana Earrings is the perfect match for Samantha. Samantha + Johanna…what a powerhouse!!!


Samantha from SATC


Our last gal, Carrie Bradshaw, needs no introduction! A trendsetter by nature, Carrie has inspired millions of women worldwide with her unordinary style! Mixing vintage pieces and luxury garments to create one-of-a-kind outfits is her signature. This accessory lover knows exactly how to accentuate any look and take it to the next level. Deeply romantic, the opposite of Samantha, Carrie is on an endless search for true love, and refuses to settle for "anything less than butterflies”. This never judgmental and always positive fashionista is the best friend therapist anyone could ask for. Addicted to Designer shoes, Carrie never thinks twice when it comes to spending money on fashion. But for me, what always stood up on Carrie, were not on her feet, but on her neck. Her stunning statement necklaces would always steal the show. For someone with such an exquisite style, nothing like an exquisite design. Carrie would rock in our Rachel Earrings. Is you Valentine someone like Carrie? If so, Rachel Earrings is the gift you need!


Carrie from SATCMcristals Rachel Statement Earrings


The SATC reboot is scheduled to start filming in this late Spring of 2021, leaving many of us itching for the first episode to be aired. I don’t know about you, but I have high expectations for the show.


I hope you enjoyed our Gift Guide with the SATC crew! If you are a SATC fan and want to know which character you are, check this fun QUIZ that I found online and have fun! I got Miranda! (No surprise here!)




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