Statement Studs? What's that?

Statement Studs? What's that?

When I decided to create my Statement Stud Collection, that’s the exact question I asked myself! Is that even a thing? To me it was clear what I meant by that expression, I knew exactly what a statement stud should look like. But because it is prudent to research every subject before you start writing about it, I dove into it.


I found out that the expression is vastly used for any stud that is bigger than the regular sized stud, and by “regular” I mean the stud earring itself. By definition, a stud earring is a type of earring that contains a centerpiece, which is usually a stone or any other ornament, attached to a narrow pole that passes through a piercing in the ear and held in place by a backing on the other side. Simple as that! However, when it comes to Statement Studs (as previously explained), it is important to emphasize that a statement stud shouldn’t have any dangling element to it, meaning a moving part attached to the center piece. It should be one piece altogether, without any moving parts. Many are using the expression incorrectly.


In the design world the freedom to dare and create is well-known and we all get the benefit from that. Thank God for the creative minds! I honestly don't get why we follow trends when there are so much out there to choose from. Why do people want to look the same? Well, that would be a subject for another post (Trends are Boring - will be the headline, come back to read it). Anyways...the styles can vary from metal only centerpieces, like the one in the Blog picture, to more elaborate pave designs, single stones, hollowed designs, etc. Each style will point out the direction you should go. As I always say, when you look at a piece of jewelry, it will talk back to you through inspiration, and you will know what to do with it. I understand that for some people it doesn't come as natural as they would like, being inspired by an accessory by simply looking at it is not that intuitive, but you can always look for inspiration somewhere - social media is the place to go. 

How to Wear

In my opinion, and that's why I created this collection, Statement Studs are the perfect option to wear for a semi-formal occasion and by the ladies that are not (yet) comfortable with the dangling statement earrings. Some examples of these occasions would be a laid-back afternoon wedding, a Sunday brunch in a fancy spot; a corporate party that takes place during the day, any environment where dressing up is totally welcomed and so on. Of course, you are free to wear them whichever way suits you, but just for the purpose of giving some ideas, these are some of the settings I'd probably wear them to.

Statement Studs give you a sharp look, they tell everyone “In the room": here is a confident woman standing right in front of you! They are a solid addition to any outfit, and they are going to make you feel amazing! Watch this try on and see for yourself!

I hope you liked this little article. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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