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Dreams come true! My first design is here!

If you have been following me along in this little adventure of mine, with my brand Mcristals, and if you have taken the time to learn more about Us, you already know what this Blog is all about. :)

After 5 years of starting Mcristals, I went even deeper on my self-learning path to gain a better knowledge of the jewelry making process (e.g. carving, casting, polishing, embellishing, and plating). With that, I became even more confident towards taking the next step I had in mind since the beginning: bring my own drawings to life. Having that knowledge really validates my personal pursuit for a deeper understanding of the whole jewelry making process.

Among so many sketches that I have drawn over the past few years, I picked one that seemed to be the least “complicated” design to bring to life. By complicated here I mean all the intricate details that are very tricky to translate into metal; designs that require a very skilled jewelry maker to put what seems to be a “puzzle” together. Since I do not own a jewelry factory, which requires a huge capital investment, I reached out to my partners who already have the structure in place and who can deliver the quality I want for my pieces. And they made it happen!!!

My first earring is bold in design but quite simple. I say simple because it is not too challenging in terms of metal forging techniques. A versatile piece you could wear on many different occasions and one that will please women from every fashion style. When creating this piece I made sure it was a design that would go well with all kinds of face shapes. The geometric diamond shape, which was the starting point for this earring, will suit every face. In this Blog I will share with you all the details of this dream come true experience. Are you ready?


The Process


I am a self-taught person, whatever I want to make I dive into the “how-tos” and I try to learn everything by myself – the only exception is technology, I do not want to learn it, I dislike it with a passion!!!

So, I got myself a wax and carving kit and went for it. The first thing I accomplished was a burnt finger from the melting pen…ouch! But I did not give up! When I set my mind to create something, it becomes an obsession. I wasted the whole box of wax blocks and had to get a new one to start all over again. After days of practice, I finally had a rough carved model which I made from my drawing. It was a very satisfying feeling, especially for someone who is very fond of the old ways of making things (have I mentioned I dislike technology?). I was able to create the exact size that I wanted and from there I could envision what the piece was going to look like for real for the first time. That was fun! However, useless! Unless you have your own workshop to cast that carved wax, there is not much you can do with it.  When you do not have a workshop or the proper equipment, you will have to find a place that does. The alternative to using the wax model to make a mold for casting is to have your sketch prepared in CAD Software – a computer rendering method. 

The first version of my drawing to CAD was made here in the USA by an amazing professional here in Florida (Angie & Jay) and later a second version, for small adjustments to achieve a better casting, by my partners in Brazil where they were manufactured.


My approach to the Creative Process


I believe that having to create entire collections and having to follow trends is boring and a huge disservice for creativity. Creation must be nurtured slowly and given the time it needs to come to life! I just think everything is moving too fast in this world and we are missing the opportunity to appreciate the details and small gifts life bring us, and that will be my motto when creating my designs. My ideas usually visit me at night as soon as I fall asleep. As a matter of fact, I sleep with a sketchbook on my nightstand so I don’t forget in the morning that crazy ideas that visited me during the night. I draw rough sketches and take notes as soon as they pop up in my mind just to keep track and refresh my memory as I wake up the following morning.


A New Jewelry Designer is born


Although I have been making costume jewelry for over a decade, I never felt comfortable with calling myself a jewelry designer. I see all over the internet people who make the same kind of jewelry that I make, giving themselves that title. I want to make it clear that I do not see anything wrong with that! If you are creating from your imagination, you are a designer by default! Creative people are all designers in my eyes! However, for me, I needed to go further as to gain a deeper knowledge that would fulfill my own requirements to confidently stand behind a brand that carries my name, and I believe I have gotten there.

As an eclectic person, I do not have a defined style. I like everything and every style, and my Earrings will translate exactly the person I am. I plan to create as the ideas visit me, sometimes very often, sometimes not so much.


Launch and Giveaway       


The Venus Earrings will be launched with my Independent Designer Logo on February 1st. So, every time you have a design made by me, the logo will be on the product page to let you know it’s mine. If you see them somewhere else other than at …well, that means somebody copied my design – an incredibly sad reality in the jewelry industry/fashion world! I will run a giveaway on the launch day. I will be giving out five pairs to five lucky winners (you will be able to choose between Gold or Rhodium). 

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I can't wait to share them with you. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

That's it for now!




Muriel Cristal


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