Why pay big bucks for low quality jewelry?

Why pay big bucks for low quality jewelry?

While shopping for Earrings, either online or personally at retail stores, I noticed a common element in both scenarios: Low quality pieces and High prices being charged. What??? No, no, no…that is not right! If you are a consumer that understands the value of good quality products, you will know what I am talking about.
During my 100+ trips to the high end Department stores, I saw nothing but the same combination of High prices and Low quality! As mentioned before, I suffer from metal allergies, which I will endure for a while in order to wear something pretty. That sacrifice though, will only take me so far, since it’s not worth it to hurt myself. This said, I realized that there were no good quality/affordable options for me out there. I could either buy an affordable piece with very poor quality (materials and craftsmanship) or go for a more expensive piece that really wasn’t worth the price being charged. And by that, I mean Jewelry from well-known fashion designers. In my humble opinion, they could do a better job at offering good quality jewelry. Paying over $50 on a pair of earrings made out of cheap metals and resin/plastic/acrylic imitation stones, just because it carries some famous designer’s name, is a little too much! Seriously?!
Online shopping really isn’t any different! Actually, if I can say, it is even worse!!! I feel like we are experiencing a trust crisis with the e-commerce in America. We run into scams every single day, we rely on reviews that are not reliable, we base our decisions on numbers of followers, likes, etc., without knowing how much of these are being manipulated. That’s a sad reality, but that is a subject for another post (I will try to write something about that)! The bottom line here is that, when shopping online for Jewelry, you will find very little information on the pieces, which, I believe, is done on purpose. The descriptions are very misleading and leave you second guessing. For example, I was always looking for plated or filled jewelry, due to its affordability, but I often ran into a very shallow description that didn’t make it clear. Does “gold plated” mean genuine gold or just gold-toned jewelry (with no real gold involved)? That's a question I always have when reading product descriptions. It seems like gold plated, leaving out the karat stamp, is done on purpose to confuse the customer. The same misleading information goes for silver-toned jewelry, aged silver, etc. So you don’t really know what to expect in terms of quality, material, origin etc...  
In my quest to find something that would combine good quality, affordability and beautiful designs (always!), I saw a great opportunity to fulfill this gap in the Jewelry market. It’s obvious that, the decision of how and how much to spend on earrings is a personal one, but if you fall into the category of people that appreciate great quality over quantity, you will love Mcristals Statement Earrings! I give you my personal guarantee!  Not only will you feel comfortable wearing them, but you will own a finely designed, exquisite and flawlessly finished pair of earrings.


Muriel Cristal

I completely agree.

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